Best Viewed with Mozilla

Mozilla is a standards compliant browser available here for free.

Why would I want to use Mozilla?

1. Using a standards compliant browser allows you to view a website as it was designed. For example:

CSS, Cascading Style Sheets, allow for a fixed navigation and/or title bar without the use of frames. Internet Explorer 5.5 and below doesn't support this at all. There is a partial workaround for IE6, but anchors (links to specific places within a page) won't position properly if there is a non-scrolling title or logo bar.

2. There are well known security and privacy concerns with using Internet Explorer. For example:

Did you know that Internet Explorer tracks your web surfing habits and stores this information in hidden files? Read about it here.

What about Netscape?

Recent versions of the Netscape browser have been based on Mozilla. Netscape 7.01 is based on Mozilla 1.0.2, whereas the current stable version of Mozilla is 1.2.1. Except for this time lag, Netscape is a fine alternative to Internet Explorer.