Walk Thru the Gate

Do you want to preserve your Awareness during episodes of Sleep Paralysis while avoiding what terrifies you?

Do you want to experience a Lucid Dream or Out-of-Body Experience?

If so, then you are in the right place.

What do I do?

Your objective is to go 'forward' into the experience as it becomes a lucid dream or Out-of-Body Experience.

How is that possible?

Consider this thought from lucid dream researchers Lynne Levitan and Stephen LaBerge:

So, it seems likely that at least some OBEs arise from the same conditions as [Awareness during] Sleep Paralysis, and that these two terms may actually be naming two aspects of the same phenomenon. [1, 2]

How Do I Initiate a Lucid Dream or Out-of-Body Experience?

One very popular technique is the 'Roll Out' technique. As soon as you notice your sleep paralysis, imagine yourself rolling out of bed.

Reports from Researchers:

Cheyne, Al
LaBerge, Stephen

Reports from Experiencers:


How Do I Defend Myself from Alien Beings and Threatening Entities?

Defensive techniques may be classified into the following categories:

Spiritual Self-Defense: Obtaining help from a spiritual being or higher power thru an explict request or plea, prayer, chanting, or similar technique.

Psychological or Psychic Self-Defense: Techniques using one's own inner resources.

Physical or Social:


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