Enlisting the Support of Others

Like anyone in a stressful or traumatic situation, you can benefit from the support of others. Just sharing your experiences can be very revealing. Family members may help you select a self defense plan, and may encourage you to use it as needed.

Traditional Sharing and Support

More importantly, you may find allies. ASP often runs in families. You may find that a parent or a sibling has been suffering for years, just like you, not knowing that "this" ever happened to anyone else.

Imagine what a relief that would be!

Training Your Spouse or Lover

ASP experiencers often report that, while they were struggling to awaken their physical body, they screamed at the top of their lungs hoping to be noticed. When the experiencer does awaken, he or she invariably finds that no one has heard a thing.

What was a blood curdling scream to the experiencer comes out as a soft whisper or hissing sound. That's all. But, that can be enough. You can ask your spouse or lover to reach out and touch you whenever he or she hears you make that sound. You will awaken as soon as you are touched.