Spiritual Self-Defense

Spiritual Self Defense includes any attempt to obtain help from a spiritual being or higher power thru an explict request, a cry for help, prayer, chanting, or similar technique; as well as banishing ("rebuking") threatening entites in the name of a spiritual being.

Does it matter which spiritual being I ask for help?

It probably matters to you. Choose a being you consider spiritually powerful or whose role seems closest to what you are asking for.

For example, experiencers with a Christian background might request help from Jesus because of his spiritual power or from Archangel Michael because his role as or a favorite saint. However, someone from, say, an Islamic background might find success reciting an Islamic religious phrase.

What do the experts say?

Ann Druffel who has researched adbuction defense for many years has this to say:

[Spiritual Self Defense] is presented here as a pragmatic resistance method rather than as a religious teaching. Witnesses don't have to have fearless personalities. What they do need is strong confidence in spiritual, protecting personages.A variety of spiritual personages --- so many that an entire book could be written on this subject alone --- have been appealed to successfully by victims of bedroom visitors, including the so-called grey.

Source: Druffel, Ann. How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction. 1998. New York: Three Rivers Press. p. 150-1.

Do we have any reports from successful experiencers?

The following cases from the published literature illustrates the wide variety of successful spiritual self defense.