Sleep Hygiene

There are some simple measures that may reduce the frequency of ASP episodes or eliminate them entirely. Most fall into the category of taking care of yourself.

Get Enough Sleep

ASP is more likely to occur if you are exhausted or sleep deprived. And noted sleep researcher William C. Dement says that large numbers of people in contemporary society have a sleep debt.

Avoid Falling Asleep on your Back

The vast majority of ASP episodes occur in this sleep position. Your sleeping body changes position during the night; but, if you can avoid falling asleep on your back, you should be able to greatly reduce the frequency of ASP episodes at sleep onset.

Consider Melatonin Supplementation

Problems with insomnia and the sleeping/waking cycle may respond to melatonin supplements or to melatonin in combination with prescription medications. (In some countries melatonin is itself a prescription medication.)

The relationship between melatonin and ASP is complex and incompletely understood. So, in considering the various threats to your sleeping/waking cycle, we will consider also the extent to which they respond to melatonin supplements.

Melatonin Depletion levels of melatonin in the body decline naturally as we age, and from a wide variety of other causes, including stress.

Protect Your Sleeping/Waking Cycle

The sleeping/waking cycle can be disturbed in any number of ways, some of which may be related to the frequency of episodes of ASP.

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