Shutting the Gate

Is your experience of Awareness during Sleep Paralysis so terrifying that you are willing to suppress your Awareness to avoid your Fear?

Do you want to have a back up plan before you try walking thru the gate?

Do you just want to get on with your life?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions you are in the right place. Gate shutting techniques are quite popular and can be very successful.

Okay, then. What are my Choices?

Wake Up Your Body

When you experience Awareness during Sleep Paralysis your body is asleep. You can learn to wake it up from its sleep paralyzed condition just as you learned to wake it up whenever you noticed you were having a nightmare or dreaming about using the bathroom.

Have Someone Else Wake Up Your Body

A willing partner can be trained to notice the subtle signs that you are experiencing Awareness during Sleep Paralysis. He or she can then awaken you simply by touching you gently.


There is anecdotal evidence that melatonin may help experiencers regularize their sleeping/waking cycle. While available over the counter in the United States (where this is written), a prescription may be required elsewhere.


Many experiencers have mentioned that various prescription medications could suppress Awareness during Sleep Paralysis. You may want to consult your physician about this option.