Jet Lag

Some doctors recommend melatonin for jet lag:

Melatonin is an excellent cure for jet lag. Melatonin pills taken at the right time can help restore normal sleep/wake cycles that are disrupted by flying across time zones.

Source: The Melatonin Miracle. Walter Pierpaoli, MD, and William Regelson, MD. (1995). New York: Simon & Schuster. p. 30.

One person who began taking melatonin to alleviate jet lag made a serendipitous discovery. From a post to the Bisleep Message Board:

Dear Mr. Polanik, My sister, just like myself, suffers from recurrent isolated sleep paralysis (possibly familial), although my condition is much stronger than hers. As a professional, she travels a lot and takes melatonin regularly to cope with Jet-lag. She noticed that in effect, taking melatonin has, in her case, greatly reduced the frequency of her SP episodes, although maybe not their duration or intensity.