What You Can Do

Experiencing Awareness during Sleep Paralysis, especially the paranatural genres of ASP, can be terrifying. But, it doesn't have to be that way.

How can I stop these terrible experiences from happening?

Being aware makes choice possible. Being Aware during Sleep Paralysis is like standing before a gate. You have two choices. You may:

Either way, you can learn to defend yourself from any alien beings or other threatening entities that you may encounter.

Those are my only choices?

Those are the only choices you have while you are within the experience.

What about between experiences?

Take care of yourself. You may adopt any Sleep Hygiene technique or do whatever else needs doing to protect your health.

Educate Yourself. Learn as much as you can about Awareness during Sleep Paralysis, its various genres and related topics such as lucid dreams and OBEs.

How do I know which path is right for me?

No path can guarantee success, but each path has advocates for whom it has worked. So, the choice is yours.

If my first choice fails am I locked in?

No. If your first choice works, all well and good. If not, you are free to try another.

What should I try first?

Each choice has any number of variations, so you can review the techniques and then make a choice based on what feels right to you. There is only one guideline: Decide in advance which path to take and which technique(s) to use. If you put off making a choice until after you've been sucked into a terrifying experience, you may reduce your chances of success.

I need to protect myself from abducting aliens. But, I don't believe Alien Abduction Experiences are the same as Awareness during Sleep Paralysis.

All you need is a sincere desire to defend yourself.

Yeah, Right! How can an Attitude Adjustment help us against the Superior Technology of an Alien Race?

Evidence is accumulating that unarmed, but determined humans are almost always able to defeat the intentions of alien beings who are alleged to have the advantages of:

Perhaps, to paraphrase C.S. Lewis, the greatest intelligence coup the aliens ever pulled was convincing humans that resistance was futile.

In any event, more and more people are discovering for themselves that a successful resistance can be based on very simple techniques; the same set of techniques used by experiencers of Awareness during Sleep Paralysis.

I'm ready to review techniques.

Shut the Gate: Avoid fear by suppressing your Awareness during Sleep Paralysis.

Probably the most popular choice; often instinctive.

Walk thru the Gate: Avoid fear while maintaining your Awareness during Sleep Paralysis.

Find out how to continue the experience as a pleasant lucid dream or Out-of-Body Experience.

Defend Yourself from threats, including threatening entities or what appear as threatening entities, alien beings or whatever.