Saying HU for Protection

HU is a Holy sound that has helped me in some tight situations in the dream worlds. It is pronounced like the word 'hue', and is sung (aloud or silently) HUUUUUUUUU...

Once, I was walking back to my car in rather dim light. As I approached my car, I saw a that group of about 7 or 8 short, gray beings were sitting on my car. I suddenly felt very afraid; I just knes they would try to mug me if I went toward the car. I started to softly chant HU and I immediately flew upward out of their reach. Years later, at a MUFON meeting in North Carolina, someone held up a stuffed doll 'Grey'. It was only then that I noticed the similarity between the infamous Greys of Ufology and my 'muggers'. The only difference was that the muggers didn't have those black eye protectors.

What is HU?

HU is the Sanskrit word from which the English word 'God' may be derived and means something like 'That which is invoked' (Oxford English Dectionary).

HU is Universal

References to HU can be found in many sacred traditions and in some secular texts. A few examples:

In ancient Egypt

HU personified the authority of a word of command.[1] This Utterance of God [2] is what we might call the Word or Logos, except that it might be said/invoked by a HUman being.

A King "had at his disposal two divine powers that had stood at the side of the creator god himself: Sia, 'perception', and Hu, 'utterance'. Sia enable the king to perceive the plenitude of meaning and to keep it in his mind ... whereas Hu gave his word the power to become a reality immediately. ... Hu was the creative will of the creator god, directed toward plenitude, that expressed itself in words.[3]

In Celtic Mythology

The God HU was the all-ruling Divinity of Western Celtic mythology. He represented the power and the glory of the spiritual world. ... The Mysteries of HU revealed the other pole of human life: the ascent out of the body into the 'glorified' state of expansion of the consciousness in the spiritual world."[4]

In Sufism

According to the Sufi tradition

This sound Hu is the beginning, and end of all sounds ... The Supreme Being has been called by various names in different languages, but the mystics have known him as Hu. [5]

In Sant Mat

In the Sant Mat tradition of Northwest India, HU is a name for God. Current incarnations of this tradtion, Radhasoami Satsang and Ruhani Satsang, as well as their Western offshoot, Eckankar, all encourage the chanting or singing of HU as a meditation for protection and enlightenment.

Further examples of HU in sacred and secular texts may be found on the HU-page.


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