Go Out of Body

Someone experiencing fear in an episode of Awareness during Sleep Paralysis doesn't necessarily have to go 'back' to the waking state by waking up their body. You can go 'forward', initiating a lucid dream or Out-of-Body Experience. The problem is that many experiencers do not recognize that they are Out of Body, and many more fear this condition out of ignorance of its spiritual nature.

This is a typical report taken from a Usenet newsgroup:

I was having a bad dream and then "woke up" from it only to find that I could not move, but it appeared my eyes were open. I started to float up toward the ceiling and it was the most horrifying thing that I have ever experienced. ... But I could not move, and I could not scream, although I was trying as hard as I could. I finally began to move my fingers and came out of it.

Frequently, as here, the novice experiencer struggles to move a finger, thus demonstrating an instinctive understanding of the most popular technique for waking up the body: move a finger, even the little finger, and you will wake up.

Going with the Flow

An anonymous contributor to alt.dreams.lucid wrote:

I have experienced sleep paralysis a few times as a teenager, but never thought much of it. When I began trying to learn lucid dreaming last year, occurences of paralysis increased dramatically.

If sleep paralysis scares you, the worst thing you can do is struggle, for it seems to prolong the experience. If you really want to wake up: relax, lie still, and you will eventually wake up or go into a regular lucid or non-lucid dream.

A contributor to the ucla sleep forum:

I have found that rather than struggle with the why's and where fors, it is much more beneficial to my piece of mind to relax and see what I can get out of the experience.

Another contributor:

I told myself I was in SP and to relax. ... I began to float and leave my body. ... I don't have SP episode on a regular basis, but I think if you can control it, instead of it controlling you, a person could have some fun.

The Value of Going with the Flow

Besides being able to get past the fear to a more relaxed state, going into a lucid dream or OBE can be very pleasant. You may also bypass the zone or level of consciousness bothersome entities come from as Fariba Bogaran, a researcher with the Lucidity Institute, seems to have done.

Veteran Out-of-Body Experiencer, Robert Peterson, tells of awakening from a in which he was attacked by vampires. He went right back in and was thrust into an OBE where he was free of them.

Most significantly, if you can recognize your Out-of-Body condition, you would be able to employ any of the techniques that OBErs use to fend off 'astral entities' or whatever they are.