Robert Peterson vs the Vampires

I was dreaming that I was camping along a riverside with a group of people. We thought we were safe, but suddenly two vampires --- one male, one female --- attacked our camp, and the dream turned into a nightmare.

I fought the female vampire for a long time and I finally killed her. I was exhausted.

Much to my horror, the other vampire came running and attacked me. We fought long and hard, but I was weak from my fight with the female vampire. He finally overpowered me and started sucking the blood out of me. I became weaker and realized I couldn't fight anymore. I was dying in my dream! I actually believed I was dying.

Then I woke up startled, and opened my eyes. I immediately saw a hand grasping for my throat! I was fully conscious, inside my body, and it seemed as if someone was trying to kill me!

I reenacted the dream-battle in my head for a few seconds, thought I was dying again, and I was ejected out of my body like bread out of a toaster!

I sat up and turned to look who was attacking my poor body. the hand that was reaching for my throat was my own! It was loosely draped over the pillow! I sighed a breath of relief. I wasn't in danger after all. I had literally been scared to death!

Although out of my body, I was glued to it. But this time, instead of trying to free myself, I tried to control my astral self with my mind. I thought hard, "I want to go to [my brother's house]" but nothing happened. Instead, I heard my physical voice (kind of muffled) saying it in the background! I looked at my astral hands. They were gently waving back and forth. ... I was drawn closer to the physical body and I dropped inside and immediately opened my eyes (no blackout), I saw my hand draped over the pillow, as if it was reaching for my throat, exactly as I saw it during the OBE. [1, 79]


  1. Peterson, Robert. Out-of-Body Experiences: How to have them and what to expect. Charlottesville, VA: Hampton Roads. 1997.