Robert Nolan's Intuition

Subject: Robert Nolan [not a real name], former U.S. Marine with combat experience in Viet Nam.

Researcher: Ann Druffel

Defensive Techniques: Intuitively Sensing the Presence of Entities

Long-time UFO/Abduction researcher, Ann Druffel, reported the case of " Apparently, the same intuitive sense that allowed Nolan to detect the approach of Viet Cong on the battlefield also allowed him to detect the presence of would-be abductors.

Initially, Nolan wrote off his experiences as 'bad dreams'. Then it became clear to him that the creatures were harming him. He developed an ear condition that his VA doctors couldn't explain.

At this point made a choice. On some occasions, when he didn't want any contact with the creatures, he would use some form of mental struggle to break the paralysis, finding, as most experiencers know, that if the paralysis can be broken the entities will vanish.

On other occasions, however,

He purposely does not use his combination of resistance techniques because his curiosity about the visitors has recently become stronger than his desire to prevent harassment. The creatures have become a matter of intense interest to him; his curiosity about them might be the main reason why the visitations continue, because his curiosity is stronger than his determination to rid himself of them permanently. More than one resister in my database is similarly conflicted.

At current writing, Nolan still has the ability to break off a visit when he intuitively becomes aware of the creatures' approach and when he does not wish to interact with them.


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