Reshma Kamal Defeats a Mindscan

Subject: Female
Researcher: David M Jacobs
Age: Unknown
Defensive Techniques: Recitation of Religious Phrase

In The Threat, David M. Jacobs, Ph. D., presents his theory that abductees are forced into a 'Breeding Program' conducted by aliens who use a 'Mindscan' technology to control the abductees.

Without the ability to manipulate the human brain, the aliens would be unable to control the abductees physically or mentally and the Breeding Program would not be feasible in its present form.

Dr. Jacobs postulates that the dreaded 'Mindscan' procedure allows the aliens to control the humans by 'somehow' giving the aliens access to the abductee's optic nerve and those sections of the brain to which it is linked. By exercising this control over the abductee's brain, the aliens acquire the power to make the abductees see, hear or feel whatever illusions the aliens present to them.

Nevertheless, one of Dr Jacobs' experiencers, Reshma Kamal, successfully defeated the mindscan simply by reciting an Arabic religious phrase while Moving her Eyes Rapidly.

But another abductee successfully resisted mental engagement. During a recent abduction, Reshama Kamal found that she had more muscle control than usual and she used it to prevent a neural connection. She shifted her eyes back and forth rapidly while reciting an Arabic religious phrase. The first alien tried to lock into her eyes but could not. He diverted her attention by causing a pain in her head, and he threatened not to take her home, but she refused to give in. Another alien took over and increased the threats. Still she refused to stop, although she was getting dizzy moving her eyes back and forth. A third alien tried, and then a fourth. They could not stop her from shifting her eyes. Eventually they gave up and said that they would continue the procedure at the next abduction. [1, 87-88]


Curiously enough, despite his concerns about the alien's breeding program, Dr. Jacobs didn't say whether the aliens came back for another attempt as they threatened to do, or, if the did, what happened. Neither did he publish the phrase used by Ms Kamal to fend off the aliens.

An Alternate Interpretation

This was an very likely experience of Awareness during Sleep Paralysis. The eyes are not paralyzed along with the rest of the body during REM sleep. Reshma's experience was unusual only in that she noticed the non-paralyzed condition of her eyes. Ms Kamal effectively rejected further contact by reciting the Arabic religious phrase. Of course, it was her intentionality, effectively expressed by that phrase, rather than the phrase itself which drove away the alien entities.


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