Michael Bershad

Subject: This the real name of Steve Kilburn from Budd Hopkins' Missing Time.

Researcher: Ann Druffel

Age: Unclear.

Defensive Techniques:

After the 4 hypnosis sessions mentioned in Missing Time

... the experiences with the abductors continued, and many of these events Bershad now remembered consciously. ... he also felt that the entities might be visiting him in his sleep. ... By the late 1980s, Bershad began to resent the continued interference by the beings. ... became thoroughly fed up with the visitations and ... remembers thinking 'I've got to learn how to take control'. ... Bershad reasoned if he could move one finger while paralyzed, he could move his hand, and then his arm, and then his leg and so forth.

Then he could get out of bed ... It was not too many weeks later that he awoke in the middle of the night, paralyzed, realizing that something had entered the window. The creatures had not yet materialized, but as he explains, 'I knew. I saw everything but the outline!' ... He lay there thinking, ... 'I'll very slowly move my finger. There's nothing they can do to stop me from moving my finger.'

Like Emily Cronin and Melissa MacLeod, he was successful in moving one finger. But the paralysis did not suddenly break, as invariably happened for them. It is entirely possible that it did not break abruptly because Bershad did not expect it to. Emily and Melissa had discovered the Mental Struggle technique through sheer accident and instinct. Bershad, on the other had, expected that a step-by-step process would be needed. After he moved one finger, he was able to move his hand, then his arm. 'That's how I eventually got my leg out from under the cover, got out of bed, ... Bershad used this technique, a variation of Mental Struggle [ie. Waking the Body], a couple of times during the next year or two, and from about 1992 does not remember ever having another experience. Today he is free from abductions. [1, 29-35]


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