Relax and Face Your Fear

Fariba Bogaran, a researcher at the Lucidity Institute, turned a fear filled ASP experience into a pleasant lucid dream.

That night while in bed, I felt that I had awakened, but I couldn't move my body. I tried to roll on my side but I felt glued to the bed. I tried to move my hand, but my hands felt stuck on my chest. I yelled very loudly but no sound came out. My fear gradually increased until I got out of breath. I heard a noise, and a creature with no head and no lower body opened the door. I yelled and yelled, but there was no use. The creature came closer and closer and I got more and more frightened. It sat on my legs and held my hands tight, and then it started squeezing my hands and pushing them against my chest. I struggled to get out of this by reaching out to its neck, but it wouldn't allow me to . Finally, I jerked myself out of bed.

I awakened from this very frightened and very paranoid. ... This was one of the worst cases of sleep paralysis I had ever experienced. I realized that by getting frightened in the dream, I was creating more frightening experiences. So, I decided that the next time I experienced paralysis, I wanted to relax and see what would happen. About two hours later the same night, the paralysis returned. ...

Initially I was a little afraid, but I slowly let go of the fear by breathing and relaxing. I started to feel lighter and lighter in my body. Soon I felt I was sitting in bed, but I could also see my body lying in bed. I knew this was a dream.

I stood up and looked out the window. A geyser of colored light particles came through it. I stood there with a sense of awe. I reached out with my hands, wanting to touch the particles. As I moved my hands, the particles became colorless, weightless, and I felt the beauty of their energy all through my body. I awoke with an ecstatic feeling of joy. I felt I had discovered a new way to transform a state which I have always associated with fear to a healing and transformative one.[1, 4]


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