Emily Cronin

Subject: Contactee mentioned in The Tujunga Canyon Contacts [2]

Researcher: Ann Druffel

Age: Unclear.

Defensive Techniques: Waking the Body

Emily Cronin and Jan Whitley, principal figures in the Tujunga Canyon Contacts, were driving at night on a crowded highway. They pulled off the road to get some rest. Sometime later, both women woke up abruptly (or so it seemed to them). Emily stated:

I was paralyzed ... I could see some of the light flooding into the car ... there was this horrible high-pitched sound ... I was scared ... I started concentrating really hard. Finally I was successful in moving one finger, and then the paralysis went away. The noise stopped. The light and the dark figure at the back of the car were gone. [2, 36-7]

Emily indicated that she'd experienced many previous entity contacts:

They keep saying they want to take me away, for me to go with them. I think they want to use me for their own purposes, whatever that is. I feel I can fight it, too --- you know, resist it. If someone calls my name or touches me, it'll break the paralysis immediately. [2, 37]


This experience occurred as Emily emerged from sleep. The initial 'waking up' sounds exactly like a report of a 'false awakening' --- where an experiencer seems to awaken and then 'really' awakens. Multiple awakenings in sequence have been reported.

The success of the finger-move technique indicates that Emily terminated her Awareness during Sleep Paralysis experience by awakening her body.


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