Paralysis during OBEs

There are many examples of Out-of-Body Experiencers who made reference to a feeling of paralysis associated with their Out-of-Body Experiences:

Oliver Fox - reported feelings of paralysis upon returning from an Out-of-Body Experience in the dream state. [1, 67]

Robert Monroe - reported that he experienced paralysis in 11.4 % of his projections. This figure is skewed to the low side as he only experienced paralysis during the early stages of learning to leave his body. [2, 246-7]

Researchers who compile and analyze experiencer reports also note the regular mention of a feeling of bodily immobility:

Robert Crookall - gives several examples of reports involving Awareness of Sleep Paralysis in his compilation of case reports, [3]

Celia Green - in the large collection of cases assembled by the Institute of Psychophysical Research, Nearly 5 per cent of subjects report apparent paralysis occurring at some stage of their ecsomatic [Out-of-Body] experience. [4, 56.]

It should be noted that this 5% figure may be skewed by the unusually strict criteria Ms Green used to define an OBE: "An experience is called an 'out of the body' one if the subject seems to himself to observe his own physical organism from outside, as if it were the body of someone else. [4, viii]


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