Mailing Lists

TRI supports three experiencer-oriented mailing lists that are hosted by Yahoo groups. They are moderated to make subscribers feel more comfortable sharing their experiences. New subscribers are encouraged to introduce themselves. But, of course, you may lurk until you feel comfortable saying something about yourself or your experience(s).

ASP-L, the Awareness during Sleep Paralysis list
OBE-L, the Awareness during Sleep Paralysis list
ART-L, the Awareness during Sleep Paralysis list

ASP-L: the Awareness during Sleep Paralysis list

This is a moderated mailing list for the discussion of all aspects of Awareness during Sleep Paralysis. Specifically:

  1. Sharing our experiences of Awareness during Sleep Paralysis and supporting experiencers who might otherwise be engulfed in fear

  2. Learning ways to go beyond the fear, to prevent unwanted entity contact and to conclude the experience in a positive manner

  3. Sharing our understanding of ASP and various anomalous experiences that may (or may not) be related to it: Lucid Dreams, Alien Abductions, Out of Body Experiences, Incubus/Succubus Encounters, Old Hag Attacks and their equivalents in other cultures

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OBE-L: the Out-of-Body Experience list

This is a moderated mailing list for sharing Out of Body and lucid dream reports and for discussing techniques for incubating these experiences, the meaning they may have for us, their effects on us and their similarities to variations from other cultures such as Otherwordly Journeying, Shamanic initiation, Mystical Transport, Benandanti, Traveling to the Sabat, etc.

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ART-L: the Abduction Resistance Techniques list

This is a moderated mailing list for experiencers interested in:

  1. Effective methods of resisting abduction, attack or any unwanted contact with non-human Intruders

  2. Ways of promoting a positive outcome to encounters with what appear to be other beings.

Our concern is with evaluating the efficacy of techniques, not with debating the reality status of the Visitors/Intruders.

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