The Genre of ASP Experiences

What do you mean by the 'Genre' of an ASP Experience?

A 'genre' is a classification based on the content of an experience. We classify movies into genres by what we see on the screen. There are action movies, romantic comedies, sci-fi thrillers and so on.

In the same way, experiencers usually classify their experiences based on what they are aware of during the experience.

What are some of the Genres of ASP --- and their Classification Criteria?

Alien Abduction Experience - The experiencer report mentions spacecraft, alien beings, medical procedures, etc. and either the experience occurred during sleep or it began with the experiencer in a reclining position.

Old Hag Attack --- The experiencer report mentions an ugly 'Old Hag' trying to crush the breath out of them or otherwise persecuting them.

Incubus/Succubus Attack --- The experiencer reports being approached by demonic beings looking for sex.

Demonic or Supernatural Assault --- The experiencer reports being approached by demonic beings or evil spirits that are not looking for sex.

Okay. So, are you're saying that classifying a movie as a horror flick doesn't means that it's not a movie?