What is ASP?

Awareness during Sleep Paralysis, or ASP, is any Awareness during the Paralysis that naturally occurs in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep to prevents us from harming ourselves or others by acting out our dreams.

Does it matter what the experiencer is or is not aware of?

No. There are no exclusions based on the content of the experience --- what the experiencer is aware of.

Themes expressed in the content of the experiencer's report define the genre of the ASP experience.

Surely the perception of paralysis is necessary!

Someone experiencing Awareness during Sleep Paralysis may or may not be aware of the body's sleep paralyzed state. Awareness of Sleep Paralysis is a subset of Awareness during Sleep Paralysis.

How can you have Awareness during Sleep Paralysis without of Sleep Paralysis?

When there is some indication other than perception of the body's sleep paralyzed condition that the body is in a REM sleep state.

Can you give an example of that?

Lucid Dream Experiences.

Stephen LaBerge and other researchers have found that Lucid Dreams occur almost exclusively during REM sleep. In addition, it has been learned that the body is paralyzed more strongly during lucid dreams than during ordinary REM sleep dreams, probably because the brain is more active.

So every lucid dream is an example of Awareness during Sleep Paralysis. But lucid dreamers are only sometimes Aware of the Sleep Paralysis.

More often the lucid dreamer focuses on manipulating the dreamscape or pays attention to something much more interesting than bodily immobility