ASP vs Night Terrors (NT)

Checklist for distinguishing Awareness during Sleep Paralysis from Night Terrors:

ASP occurs during REM sleep (Stage 1). Night Terrors occur during nonREM sleep (Stage 4 or Delta sleep).

ASP experiencers have excellent recall --- often in excruciating detail. NT experiencers often recall nothing or only a single frightening image.

ASPrs are unable to move. NTrs can flail about and sometimes sleepwalk.

The sounds ASPrs make are barely audible to others. The screams of NTrs are often heard by others.

The median age of onset for ASP is 14. Night Terrors are most frequent in children 3 - 8.

Others have no difficulty awakening an ASPr; a touch is often sufficient. Parents report great difficulty awakening a child from NT.

ASP experiencers can learn to direct the course of their experiences into a pleasant lucid dream or OBE. This is not known to happen with NT experiencers.

About the only thing Awareness during Sleep Paralysis has in common with Night Terrors is that both may be promoted by stress.

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