Are You An Experiencer?

Have you ever found yourself lying fully conscious or in a dream like state, unable to move or cry out, but able to see and hear ... or somehow sense the presence of unknown beings?

This is Awareness during Sleep Paralysis.

While some experiences can be pleasant, many experiences of Awareness during Sleep Paralysis are terrifying beyond belief.

Some ASP experiencers fear they are suffocating, or maybe dying, due to the pressure of a crushing weight on them, usually in the chest region.

Those who sense the presence of bedroom 'visitors' may fear that their paralysis is a prelude to sexual assualt or abduction by these intruders.

Despite these fears, some individuals cultivate Awareness during Sleep Paralysis. Why?

It can bring the presence of mind to effectively resist abduction by alien beings.

It is a gateway to Out of Body Experiences and Lucid Dreams.

Beyond the Fear, There is a Gate!

Your Choices

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